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Your Trusted Therapy Partner: Helping Kids at Home and in Schools

Powerback Pediatrics, formerly Encore Pediatrics, proudly offers a diverse array of top-tier therapy services catering to children and their families in Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and New York.

Our pediatric therapists specialize in Early Intervention, School Based Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis services. Our management staff is knowledgeable, supportive, and familiar with current state laws and regulations to manage the needs of our clients and therapy providers effectively. We embrace a team approach; we work closely with parents and fellow service providers on the child’s team to consider a child’s unique needs when developing and implementing a treatment plan designed to improve their overall function and independence.


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Our Mission

To improve the lives we touch.

Our Vision

To be a trusted partner, empowering others to achieve their full potential by providing integrated and individualized solutions.

Our Values

Care Compassion & Commitment
Respect Appreciation & Celebration
Teamwork Diversity & Inclusion
Creativity Focus & Innovation
Honesty & Integrity

Our Approach

Achieve Your
Full Potential

At Powerback Pediatrics, our clinicians excel at delivering an empowered approach to child development services. Our thoughtful approach to child development services is designed to connect directly to the individual under our care, while recognizing that the journey to better living is unique for everyone.

Getting your power back means person-centered professional care that provides a sustainable way of feeling better, moving better, breathing better, and living better.

Our Team

Compassionate Leaders

Johnathan Cotcher, Executive Vice President for Powerback Pediatrics.
John Cotcher

Executive Vice President

Paige McComas, Regional Vice President for Powerback Pediatrics
Paige McComas

Regional Vice President

Erica Holm, Regional Vice President for Powerback Pediatrics.
Erica Holm

Regional Vice President

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Conrad Kupferman

Regional Vice President

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Powerback Pediatrics is your therapy partner for comprehensive child development services.

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